The Military World Games were created by CISM and held every four years, always one year prior to the Olympic Games. The first competition took place in Rome, 1995. The event gathered more than 4 thousand athletes from 93 countries for 17 sports competitions in total. On occasion, the games also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II and the signing of the UN Charter. The following games were held in Zagreb (Croatia/1999), Catania (Italy/2003), Hyderabad (India/2007), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil/2011) and Mungyeong (Korea/2015).

1st Rome, Italy 93 4,017 17
2nd Zagreb, Croatia 80 7,825 18
3rd Catania, Italy 81 3,217 11
4th Hyderabad, India 101 4,738 15
5th Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 113 4,017 20
6th Mungyeong, Korea 110 8,700 24
2019 Wuhan MWG
Doubling Economic Output with Global Vision
The capital city of Hubei Province, Wuhan covers an area of 8,494 square km with a population of 11 million. It lies in the eastern Jianghan Plain at the intersection of the middle of the Yangtze and Han rivers.
Wuhan is known as “Chicago of China”, serving as major domestic transportation hub in central area. Wuhan has been fastest economic growing city as it reached a total economic output of over RMB one trillion in 2012 and by elevating its economic rank 8th in China. The city is China’s traditional manufacturing base, which has advantages in automobile, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel industry. It is now developing modern manufacturing industries, focusing on technology improvement and the development of industry clusters.
China’s preparation on 2019 Military World Game
Military World Games Wuhan will be one of largest game with most participants and greatest influence in CISM history. Wuhan MWG has the following characteristics: It is the first time that a city hosting the whole event. There are total 31 venues - 10 newly built, 21 renovated.
It will outperform the previous games in facilities and software and IT systems. Second, it is the first time that the Athletes Village were constructed. Along Huanjia lake and Jianxia district, area of 21 hectors and total floor of 558,000 sqm2 athlete village will accommodate more than 10,000 athletes and officials. Third, compare to previous MWG games that had 24 sports at most, Wuhan MWG has 27 competitions including badminton, tale tennis, men’s gymnasium and tennis.
China gathered 13 subordinate departments and 61 divisions and offices as an organizing committee of Wuhan MWG. In Nov. 2017, official emblem and mascot symbolize Chinese culture and their message of wishing peace to the international community. With new concepts and ideas for the governance of China, the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Hubei Province, China is putting huge effort to make the 7th MWG a world-class event.